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IRIS Steering Committee Representatives:


Philippe Citroën






Bernard Kaufmann









IRIS Certification™







Stefan Siegler




Marcus Schmid



Voith Turbo



Andreas Glitsch






Markus Kleinheidt






Hakim Aoudia






Ronald Seidelman


Stephan Middelkamp

HARTING Technology Group




Eduardo Galvez






Leon Linders



Leonardo Impagliazzo



Kevin Kröber


Hitachi Rail STS










IRIS Management Centre Members:


Bernard Kaufmann IRIS General Manager
María Romero IRIS Manager
Anish Bawa IRIS Technical Manager
Vanessa Pereira IRIS Technical Manager
Artur Tänna IRIS Communications Manager



IRIS Governing Structure





Role of the Steering Committee

  • Development and implementation of the IRIS System, including
    • International Standard - Requirements
    • Evaluation process - audit and assessment methodology
    • Global certification database
  • Setting up and monitoring the IRIS Management Centre
  • Approval of Certification Bodies
  • Admittance and removal of members
  • Cooperation with other organization/associations
  • Appointment of IRIS Working Groups


Role Of the Management Centre (IMC)

  • Release of IRIS information
  • Implementing and promoting of IRIS System
  • Setting up, administrate and maintaining of
    • IRIS Web Site
    • IRIS Database
    • IRIS Audit Tool
  • Contracting and monitoring Certification Bodies
  • Organizing of IRIS training seminars and information sessions
  • Managing the day-to-day operation and activities:
  • Administrates the distribution of the standard and training material


Role Of the Technical Forum For Improvement (TFI)

  • Responsible for the improvements of the IRIS system (standard & process)
  • It involves all stakeholders.


Role Of Working Groups

  • Responsible for specific activities:
    • New scopes: signalling, maintenance,…
    • Technical expertise…


Role of the IRIS Advisory Board

  • to enable rolling stock operators and operator associations to cooperate with Members and to involve operators in the IRIS Group.
  • to work together to establish the IRIS Standard in the Railway Business as the main recognized and accepted global system for the evaluation of Business Management Systems (standardization of general requirements)
  • to work together in order to improve product quality & supply chain efficiency.


Role of the Auditor Validation Committee

  • Authorizing auditors to participate to IRIS trainings;
    • Requirements to be checked according to the Framework Agreement;
  • Validating the IRIS training examination;
    • Classifying as lead auditors and auditors;
    • Accepting their scope(s) approval;
  • Following the performance and managing the evolution of the auditors;
    • Validating the minimum number of audits per year;
    • Analyzing the results of the yearly case study;
    • Upgrading or downgrading the auditors in the categories;